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The road to recovery is not a solo flight. When you are ready there will be a team ready to help. Realize U 252 is dedicated to making sure that our residents will be given the tools needed for recovery. Our goal is to make RU252 the Campus of Hope for those dealing with addiction. 

Realize Your Situation, Reinvent Yourself:
5 Steps to Addiction Recovery 


Exploring Recovery


During the exploring recovery stage, those seeking recovery from addiction may begin to educate themselves about the recovery process and what it means to live a sober life.  


Early Recovery


Relapse is far from uncommon during early recovery.  Some of the most important steps taken during Stage Four are developing new coping skills and healthy habitsand rebuilding damaged relationships.



By taking the step of learning more about their disease and its effect on others, addicts in the consideration stage make the important transition from awareness to action.


Active Recovery and Maintenance


Recovery is about much more than overcoming an addiction to drugs or alcohol, It is a complete transformation of mind, body and spirit. While some individuals can progress through the stages of recovery with just the support of friends and family, most will require education and new skills from a drug rehab program.


Awareness and Early Acknowledgement


Few experiences are as essential to an addict as the moment when he or she shifts from denial to a willingness to make a change. This third stage is often when some individuals of early recovery first make the critical decision to get help.


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