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Think You Have What it Takes?



Contest Rules and Regulations

This is a singing competition. A mixing board, microphone and speakers will be provided.  You must provide your own backtrax or you can play an instrument. Contestants must memorize the songs they will be performing.

All participants and their families release RealizeU252, Their employees and sponsors from any liability resulting from their performance and attendance at this event. All participants give RealizeU252 unrestricted authorization to use their name, photo, voice recording, video recording, entry materials or likeness in promotional materials without further compensation.  The judges and RealizeU252 reserve the right to disqualify any contestant whose performance does not meet the Judges and RealizeU252 standards.


Who can compete: You must be 18 years of age or older or have a parent or guardian to sign up for you. All contestants must be amateur entertainers. Professional entertainers (union musicians or whose talent is a principle source of income) are not permitted to enter. If you have a question concerning your eligibility, please contact RealizeU252 at

Registration: All contestants must submit an entry form. Only one person can perform per application form. 

There are several ways to enter the contest -

  1. Go to  and complete the entry form 


The Competition and Judging:

This contest will have 3 sections: Preliminary (Sing offs September 22nd,  Top Twelve (Semi-finals September 27th) and Final Three (October 21st) 


Preliminary Competition:

• Preliminary competition (Sing Off) will take place Saturday, September 22nd beginning at 9am (TBA)

• All contestants in the final three will receive a free ticket to October 21st Rock The City Concert.

• All contestants that compete in the Sing Offs will receive a 20% discount on the October 21st Rock The City Concert.

• The judges will select up to twelve performers at the September 22nd Sing offs to compete in the Semi-finals on Thursday September 27th. The top three on September 27th will compete on October 21st at the Rock The City Concert.  The judges’ decision is final in the preliminary contest and the final contest. 

• The top twelve will be posted on ReallizeU252 web site. 

• Top twelve finalists will be asked to quickly submit a headshot and short biography for the purposes of advertising – these will be used on the website and other areas as deemed by REalizeU252.


Final Competition – Top Three:

• For the finals, all contestants must provide their own backtrax or instrumental and they should have Three songs prepared with music. The backtrax will be submitted on a thumb drive with contestant’s name clearly labeled and must be submitted by lunch the day of the concert.

• The final competition will be held at Grover C. Middle School in New Bern, North Carolina. The performance will start at 7 pm, and the top three will report by 5 pm to run through their selections. 

• Contestant order for the final three will be randomly drawn.

• The same songs performed at the preliminaries may be performed on October 21st.

The audience will select the winner after each performer has sung two songs. The Top Three Finalists will be scored based on the following: 


      • Voice and singing technique  (score 1 to 40 points)

      • Overall stage performance   (score 1 to 40 points)

      • Artists appeal   (score 1 to 40 points)

      • Uniqueness   (score 1 to 40 points)

A total of 160 points are possible. 


First Place $1000.00

Second Place $250.00

Third Place $100.00



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