The expenses for RU252 will average between $15 to $20,000 a month. Gifting is a great way you can help. This can be a one time donation or a monthly pledge. Enrich your giving by asking your company to match your gift. A great way to make a difference in our community. 


Our residents will have a monthly budget for non perishables, protein and refrigerated goods. With donations in this area it makes it easier to plan meals and make their entire experience better. 


A large part of our program is education about addiction and the underlying causes to the disease. It is our goal to have weekly speakers to help do this. Some of the speakers will be voluntary but it is imperative that will contract out. By dedicating your gift here you will be assured that the residents are getting the needed message in their journey to recovery. 


As RU252 matures into the facility vision we will be needing responsible transportation to get to outside meeting and to the selected venues for our residents to get back into the work force.  There are many quality used vehicles that we have priced beginning around $12,000 that will seat up to 15 passengers. If you are so led you can gift this to RU252 as a tax free donation or you can make a monthly pledge designated to this area of our organization to help us over time secure the vehicle. 

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