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From Struggle to Strength: Realize U 252's Path to Renewal and Hope

In the heart of our community, Realize U 252 stands as a beacon of hope for those caught in the throes of addiction. Established to foster new beginnings, our approach extends beyond traditional recovery methods, offering a transformative support system.


Addiction's journey is complex, touching not just the individuals but also their loved ones. Most individuals find addiction recovery to be a path filled with challenges that demand more than medical or therapeutic interventions—it requires a nurturing environment that enables individuals to rediscover themselves. This philosophy is at the heart of Realize U 252, where we understand that a supportive environment is key to facilitating profound personal transformations.


Characterized by inclusivity and adaptability, our program ensures accessibility through scholarships, affirming our commitment to recovery for all, regardless of financial status. By allowing residents to choose their length of stay, we empower them to direct their own recovery journeys, embodying our belief in the power of personal agency.


The community within Realize U 252 is a testament to the power of shared experiences and mutual support. Here, residents become part of a close-knit family, both contributing to and benefiting from this network of support.


Our residents often share that joining Realize U 252 marked the end of their long and arduous battle with addiction. They speak of newfound self-esteem, a sense of belonging, and an optimistic outlook on life—a renewal of hope.


We've witnessed remarkable transformations: individuals arriving in despair, now filled with hope and ambition. With a renewed sense of self-worth, residents who once found themselves in the bottom of the hole are now guiding others to find their way out of addiction. Many express pride in themselves for the first time in years, a sentiment we wholeheartedly share for their effort and growth.


At Realize U 252, we champion the power of a fresh start and stand as a tribute to the resilience of the human spirit against adversity. 

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Finding Hope

After Addiction

Craven County  |  North Carolina

Realize U 252's mission is to empower individuals to realize their potential for long-term recovery from addiction and substance use disorder

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Realize U 252 is more than a recovery residence. It's an academy for human potential and personal growth.

Our Residence

Realize U 252 provides the environment & opportunity for residents to thrive in long-term addiction recovery.


Realize U 252 understands how important recovery is and that not everyone has the resources available to take the necessary steps. RU252 may have available grants to subsidize the rehabilitation program for qualifying residents.

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No Matter Your Past

YOU are worth the effort!

Based on the social model of recovery, at Realize U 252's recovery residence, residents are both recipients and sources of recovery support. Residents are active participants in developing and sustaining a recovery-supportive culture and family-like community.


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Executive Director

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